Video Consultations

We offer face to face or video consultations with a GP if deemed appropriate after telephone triage by the doctor. The face to face consultation will be via the camera on your device if a video consultation is agreed.

How Does a Video Consultation Work?

If one of the clinicians at the surgery decides that they need to arrange a video consultation with you then we do this via AccuRx software. You will need a smart phone, tablet or computer with a webcam. Your clinician will send you a text with a link. You then simply click on the link or type the link into the top of the internet browser.

It is especially important that you have enabled your microphone and camera. If using a computer then Chrome delivers the best video consultation experience, so we recommend that you use this as your browser. Please note that Internet Explorer does not work.

Please view the AccuRx website which will explain how to use the video links.

Patient Consent for Recording

We would like to record the upcoming consultation that you or your relatives are having today with the doctor. This is solely for training, education and assessment purposes. Message will be sent to patients so informed consent can be obtained.

The recording, processing and storage of the consultation will comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and is in line with guidance of the General Medical Council. More information on how we will manage your data is available within our Privacy Notice.

You do not have to agree to your consultation with the doctor being recorded. If you do not want us to record the consultation, this is not a problem at all, and will not affect the care you receive in in any way.

If you do give your consent using our Video Consent form, then you will have the opportunity to withdraw this at any time in the future, including immediately after the consultation.